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Basilica Cistern also known as “Yerebatan Sarnici” is located near Hagia Sophia and it is one of the places you should visit in Istanbul. The cistern built to provide the water needs of the city in antiquity is now offered as a historic place to visit.

Two Medusa Heads, used as pedestals under two columns in the cistern, are the masterpieces of the Roman sculpture art. Despite this view, some legends about the Medusa Head have been formed.

According to one legend, Medusa was a girl who boasted with black eyes, long hair and beautiful body. Medusa loved Zeus' son, Perseus. In the meantime, Athena liked Perseus and envied Medusa. That is why Athena turned Medusa's hair into a snake. Everyone Medusa looked at was now turning into a stone. Later, Perseus cut off Medusa's head and took advantage of this power to defeat many enemies. Based on this, the Medusa Head was placed in swords in the Byzantine sword and placed opposite the column bases (for ministers to cut the stone).

According to a custom, Medusa looked to the side and turned herself to stone. Therefore, the sculptor who made this sculpture made Medusa in three different places according to the reflection of the light.

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